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Monday, December 15, 2014

5/5 Review - Coming Home For Christmas On Goodreads

Barb rated it 5 of 5 stars

Sophie Ferguson moved back to her hometown of Derbyshire because her husband was killed in a horrific car accident. So she packed up herself and her daughter and moved back to where all her family lived. She was looking for a new start, a new life with her daughter. It was time to concentrate on Lily and herself now. It was time for her to be happy and moving back to Derbyshire seemed a good place to start. Not looking for a relationship or even a man, but her mind starts changing when she meets Thomas.

Thomas is a very handsome guy who is divorced and also has children of his own. The last thing he is looking for is a relationship. His ex-wife doesn't really want the kids and only visits once in awhile, why would he want another headache let alone a heartache again. That is until he meets Sophie and her daughter Lily. Could he open his heart to love again?

OH MY GOODNESS!! This story was awesome to read. It brought me to tears more than once, but in the next instance it would make me smile or laugh. It has everything I look forward in a good romance book. Especially since it takes place at Christmas time. Two people who are hurting for different reasons but really need each other more than they really know. The way the author wrote about the pain each one of them was feeling, made my heart hurt and I so wanted both to be happy. The relationship started out slow and that is a refreshing change from some I have read in the past. The way Thomas took to Lily when he first met her. So gentle and loving which I think is exactly when Sophie started falling in love with him. The relationship between Sophie and Thomas wasn't rushed and sex didn't happen right after they met. I love Sophie and Thomas. Both wanted to let go of their pain and start living their lives again. Both had the same dream and both wanted each other to know that it was fine to love again, to be happy.

I can't say enough about how wonderful this story was to read. The author brought me right into the lives of these two people. Sophie and her dysfunctional family. I think every family has two sides. One side everyone see's on the outside but the true family comes out when they are together. Her family reminds me of my own. Daughters and mothers do not always get along and it's hard sometimes to talk to your mom about exactly how you are feeling. The way Sophie's feeling came out was exactly how it would've happened in my family. During a family get together of course. Sophie's family I think is the typical family. We all have issues and most have issues with their family. Made me love the book that much more. The true meaning of Christmas for these two is they can finally be happy and have a family without being regretful for moving on.

Read this book! It takes you on the journey with the characters. I felt like part of their life.
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