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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My review of Texas Two Step by Satin Romance Author Jody Vitek

Texas Two Step

 Old family ties broken, childhood pain healed and true love revealed—one step at a time.
One phone call sends Chad Rogers back to the one place he's been avoiding—home. Being at his mother's side after she is shot, he faces the younger brother who tormented him during childhood and his ex-lover, Chloe Atwood.
Chloe is engaged to a family friend. Chad steps back into her world, spinning it off its axis. She sees him in a new light this time around, leaving her to question if they can have a future together. 


My Review
When Chloe Atwood’s co-worker, Linda is shot, the last person she expected to see by Linda’s hospital beside was her ex-lover Chad.
Two years previously, they had met in Florida, but in the few weeks they spent together proved they were more than friends.
Chloe returned home to Texas, they continued to talk on the phone, but when Chloe asked Chad to come to Texas he refused, not giving any explanation as to why.  Did their relationship end due to Chad’s lack of openness and honesty? Or, that he never really loved her?
The longer Chad stays in Texas, the more Chloe realises, feelings for him still lingered. She wasn’t over him.  The only problem is Chloe is now engaged to someone else.
As this wonderful story of true love, broken families and lies unfolds, we find that Chloe has more problems to worry about, when she becomes a victim herself.
Praise to Ms Vitek, this story had me riveted from the start.

5/5 Smiling Faces

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful review, Joanne. I'm glad you enjoyed the story.