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Sunday, March 8, 2015

A night of filming as an extra on CandyFlip – Palolem Goa India

Crazy! I thought me, in a film?  Well last night MR R and spent eight hours filming with Bollywood stars in a new film CandyTrip.  Truly a wonderful experience we will never forget, the stars, the crew and the extras all wonderful people.  Thank you Shanawaz Nelikunnil for asking us to join you, to be a part of your film.

Based on a real-life character – Roy – through a plethora of happenings, phenomena, legends, myths, sights, sounds, experiences and thrilling stories of the fabled Goan paradise. What happens to the protagonist through the bittersweet, darkly funny, crazy, trippy journey and what comes along at the end of it, weaves the half-fictitious/half-real story of film – CandyFlip
Director -  Shanawaz Nelikunnil
 Graphic designer -  Valeriya Polyanychko and
Director and visual artist  - Abhishek Bomanna 

Prashant Prakash - Lead Actor


Kalki Koechlin Actress

More light for MS Rawson Please!

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