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Thursday, March 5, 2015

The author's narration will pull readers into the story – 5/5 Zoe North- Review Readers’ Favorite

Book Review
Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

In Zoe North, author Joanne Rawson takes readers into the exciting world of Zoe North herself. The story is about Zoe's chance meeting with Dale, to whom she is attracted, and they begin a fling. Her best friend and business partner, Luke, is more sensitive to her feelings and compared to him Dale is more of the playful type of guy. The story sees Zoe choosing the wrong person when the right man is in front of her. It's a story of heartbreak, friendship, pain and love. Will Zoe and Dale end up marrying and if they do, will they be happy with each other?

The book is an engaging read with some heartrending yet funny moments. The author's portrayal of Zoe North is commendable, and her free spirit and her crazy life is entertaining to read. All three main characters, Dale Kennedy, Zoe North and Luke Young, are different personalities and just reading how people handle life and romance in different ways makes the story interesting. Though it's a typical love story, the author manages to keep reader interest alive with some twists and turns and relatable characters. The fluidity in the writing style gives a good pace to the story and there are no boring moments as the story progresses. Zoe and her two different guys with different personalities have been sketched well. The author's narration will pull readers into the story and get them involved with Zoe's love life, and also leave them wondering whether Zoe will ultimately lead a happy life.     Amazon UK     Satin Romance     Smashwords     Allromanceebooks     Goodreads


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