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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

All were well written and they had their own charm and charisma. 5/5 Readers' Favorite

Life's Unexpected Adventures
Anthology Volume One
by Joanne Rawson
Romance - Sizzle
134 Pages
Reviewed on 09/12/2015

5/5 Book Review
Reviewed by Rabia Tanveer for   Readers' Favorite

Life's Unexpected Adventures by Joanne Rawson is a collection of short stories. There are four women, four lives, and four stories, and all of them give us a little taste of what life has to offer us. Just as every person is different, their stories are individual and personal.

No Strings Attached is the story of Laura Lee; there is a wedding she needs to attend where her ex is going to be. To show the world that she has a life outside of work, she needs a fake date and her only option is the man she despises the most. The wedding is full of surprises and Laura will find out things she never knew. Learner Mum is the story of Polly Wilkins, who is a freelance journalist and loves to write. She has been in a relationship with Steve for eight years, her parents are waiting for her to get married already and give them a few grandchildren, but she has no plans of getting married. Polly was never maternal, and doesn't think she will ever be, but when she and Steve go through a turbulent week, she has to make some decisions that could make or break her relationship.

Unexpected Blind Date is the story of Grace Worthing, a woman who has sworn off men, however, after some drinks she not only agrees to go on a blind date, but also like the guy. Little did she know her blind date will become so much more than a good time. Angel of Kindness is about Megan Shepard, who got divorced and now all that she is looking forward to is a quiet Christmas with her mother, but when her friends take her to their old teenage hunting place, she meets a former flame. What has life in store for her? She has no idea, but she is making a leap of faith and taking the right steps.

All in all, these stories were a delightful mix. All were well written and they had their own charm and charisma. These women were such strong characters. I would like to read their full stories because these women have the potential to become some very memorable heroines.



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