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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Readers’ Favorite - I loved the novel and enjoyed the fact that the characters were real women.

5/5 For Better or For Worse
by Joanne Rawson
Romance - Sizzle
224 Pages
Reviewed on 09/23/2015
Reviewed by Rabia Tanveer for Readers' Favorite

For Better or For Worse by Joanne Rawson is the story of three British women who are friends, neighbors, and each other’s confidants. They are Annie, Lorna and Celina. On the outside, they are leading healthy, happy lives with their husbands or family, but only they know the true condition of their lives. Annie is devastated when she finds out that her husband is cheating on her. Being at home was never an interesting life for her and now it is getting unbearable. When she falls for her Salsa teacher, she finds some solace, but then her husband leaves his girlfriend. But can Annie trust him with her heart and life again?

Lorna is not happy with her husband, but after four children, she and her husband are making an effort to make things work for their children’s sake. When Lorna’s teen flame comes back into her life, things get even more complicated. Now her past secrets are revealed one by one and it is affecting her life and her children. Is she not destined for love?

When Celina’s ex-husband came to see her in her office after twelve years of absence, she had no idea he would be asking for a second chance. She gives him the second chance, but her son’s girlfriend is making things difficult for her. Now she has to accept that girl and hope things fall perfectly into place or else she will lose her son.

This novel may seem like a head trip, but it is oh so good. For Better or For Worse is a story of three women who are so different, but they are like regular women. I felt a connection with each and every one of them. I really appreciated the fact that these women were in their forties and were not perfect women. They had their faults, but like everyone, they deserved to be happy. I loved the novel and enjoyed the fact that the characters were real women.

Take a trip to the steamy side of English suburbia. To the envying eyes of the locals, three ordinary women in their forties seem to have wonderful families and excellent careers. Or do they?
Annie Fitzgerald’s perfect marriage to the debonair Patrick falls apart when she discovers him having an affair. Struggling with a failed marriage, her world turns upside down. Suddenly being at home is not the ideal life she thought it would be. Annie finds solace in her salsa teacher. Patrick ends his affair, but with near fatal consequences.
Lorna Davies, mother of four children, is in a loveless marriage to Robin. Unexpectedly she literally runs into Ben Adams, an old flame from her teens. Secrets about her past that she has kept hidden for years are revealed, dramatically affecting her family, changing all their lives.
Celina Peel’s ex-husband, Ethan, arrives at her office after being gone twelve years. She truly believes him when he says he has changed. As Celina makes plans for the future with Ethan, she can not help wondering, has he changed or not? She encounters another problem, her son’s girlfriend. Unable to cut the apron strings, Celina has to accept Sam’s girlfriend or lose him forever.



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