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Friday, October 23, 2015

Showcase The Way Forward By Jill Bisker Published by Melange Books

The Way Forward

The Ghostly Way #2

by Jill Bisker

Will Laney’s gift to communicate with ghosts lead her to help or hinder the restless souls who haunt her?
After Laney MacKenzie learned she could communicate with spirits, life became much more challenging. It was one thing when it was her grandmother who came to her, but now it seemed as though every random ghost felt the need to seek her out—and she has no interest in figuring out how to move them on. She has enough troubles of her own—her ghosthunter boyfriend Emmett is pressuring her to develop her so called gift, her ex-husband keeps creeping back into her life for unknown purposes, and she has a fledging new business. She’s near to calling it quits on both her gift and Emmett when she learns about a little boy who’s experiencing a ghostly visitor. She can’t say no to a child in trouble, and his attractive architect father has a way of being persuasive.


Chapter One

The organ music flooded the sanctuary as the traditional wedding march began, the sound reverberating through the rafters and vibrating the dust motes into a chaotic dance of random movement. A multitude of emotions assailed me—doubt and joy mixed confusingly. I looked towards the altar where Emmett stood in his black tux. He turned and smiled at me, his entire face lighting up.
My God, he’s even more handsome in evening attire, I thought as I lowered my eyes again so he wouldn’t read the conflicting emotions.
The church was beautiful, the afternoon sunlight filtering through the antique stained glass windows casting a luminescent glow upon the red and orange bouquets of calla lilies and chrysanthemums that adorned the pews and altar. The acoustics in the main chapel lent the music an ethereal quality as it soared through the room, as if you could be lifted physically by the sound. It was a beautiful fall day, the perfect day for a wedding.
October 24, 2015

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Paranormal Romance
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