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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Romance Reviews TOP PICK for I’m Your Man- Robin Leigh Morgan, really knocked my socks off.

I have had many wonderful book reviews, but this review from Robin Leigh Morgan boy, really knocked my socks off.  Robin Leigh Morgan totally was in tune with this story. Her conception of the three songs was exactly right. I have to give Robin Leigh Morgan 5/5 for knowing where I was  coming from, and knowing her music. 

5/5 Book Reviewed by Robin Leigh Morgan (author,reviewer) 
 [ Review Posted: Jan 05, 2016 ] - 
Three songs got played in my mind as I read this story. You know you've read a great novella if as you read it, it triggers something in your mind; it can be a memory of something you've loved or you can relate to. Such is the case when I read any story where a woman, like the title of the song by Mary MacGregor from 1976, is torn between two lovers. Being a child of the 1950's I've got hundreds of songs I can relate to, particularly when I happen to be reading a book at the time. Making this kind of decision is the toughest any woman has to make, especially if she doesn't want to regret the choice she's made years later; there's seldom a redo when it comes to love. While Justin can easily be the desire of any woman, a real hot hunk, to me Justin is a kind of "traveling man" who's unwilling or even afraid to plant any roots down in a particular place or to make a real commitment to an individual woman. This is seen when he's always looking for an excuse to get out of certain situations regarding Ruth, like meeting her family. Justin is this "traveling man", just like the one in the 1961 song by Ricky Nelson of the same name. The book's title also happens to be a song by Michael Buble where the guy is willing to do anything and everything to make his love happy, which is the type a guy Ruth found in Danny, the plain-looking guy she had her first night stand with. So why couldn't she have it with Justin? When push comes to shove, does Ruth go with her heart's desire and Justin? Or does she listen to her mind and what's best for her future existence and happiness, and go with Danny? While the answer might seem predictable, there might be more to it than meets the eye. What the ultimate outcome is I'm not going to reveal, you'll have to read this book to find out for yourself. For allowing me to recall songs from my younger years and being able to step into Ruth's shoes, I'm happy to give Ms. Rawson 5 stars. 



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