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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Showcase - Southwest Florida Romance Writers writing for Satin Romance

One of the most rewarding parts of being an author is getting to know some amazingly talented authors.  So, it gives me great pleasure in showcasing to you today South Florida Romance Writers.
Southwest Florida Romance Writers began the process of incorporation to become an official chapter of Romance Writers of America (RWA) in 1980.  They currently have more than fifty Members. At least half of the Members are industry published. Membership includes writers of all levels, unpublished to award-winning authors. SWFRW is committed to promoting excellence in fiction through monthly meetings, workshops, and networking.
I will be showcasing today two of their books available from Satin Romance  

From Florida With Love
Sunsets & Happy Endings

by Southwest Florida Romance Writers

             Karen Dean Benson, Patricia Campbell, Allan Dyen-Shapiro, M. A. Ellis, Sonja Gunter,    
M. L. Joy, Doris Lemcke, Mariah Lynne, A. Y. Stratton & Diana Welker

Southwest Florida Romance Writers (SWFRW) offers a unique anthology with ten original stories. They each feature a gorgeous Southwest Florida sunset, pink flamingos in all forms, and romance. Enjoy enchanting tales about love, including old and new love, lost love, second chances, and even puppy love.
The characters range from a Spanish lady, rambunctious "Active Seniors", a lovesick flamingo, an international spy and everything in between. Read them all in one sitting or savor each one as a separate adventure in front of your own special sunset. Be ready to laugh, they will touch your heart and mist your eyes.
   The Fishy Place by Karen Dean Benson
   The Deathbed Promise by Karen Dean Benson
   Fred—A Dog's Odyssey by Patricia Campbell
   The Fundamental Things Apply by Allan Dyen-Shapiro
    First Class All the Way by Sonja Gunter
    Sunsets and Second Chances by M. A. Ellis
    The Portrait Compiracy by M. L. Joy
    Romantic Notions by Doris Lemcke
    Love at First Flight by Mariah Lynne
    Gulf Coast Heaven by A. Y. Stratton
    Tickled Pink by Diana Welker

Release Date: June 5, 2014
Genre: Romance Anthology

From Florida With Love
Sunrise & Stormy Skies

by Southwest Florida Romance Writers

Sarah Andre, Karen Dean Benson, Patricia Campbell, Allan Dyen-Shapiro, Sonja Gunter, Mariah Lynne, Kerryn Reid, Dee Speers, Becca St. John & Kristine Taylor

The Crossroads by Sarah Andre
A probie firefighter surfs the post-hurricane waves to distract himself from the trauma of not being able to save his first victim. Among the tumultuous waves he meets a glamorous ER physician who thinks he’s a ‘playa’ until he saves her life. In return, she saves him from his psychological crossroads.
Charley the Hurricane by Karen Dean Benson
Disaster and dreams - oil and water.
This short story centers around the destruction of Charley the Hurricane that hit southern Florida with a bang in 2004. It’s about reaching out and fulfilling dreams. The irony of Charley’s devastation is hurricanes and wishes are thought to be mutually exclusive.
Just so you know, two things mutually exclusive are related in such a way that each one makes the other impossible. For example, a coin toss can’t land on both heads and tails; it’s mutually exclusive. This story is about disaster and billions of dollars lost in crops and homes. Yet, dreams did come true against a wasteland of destruction.
Land of the Fountain of Old by Patricia Campbell
It takes a Category 4 hurricane for light to dawn in Herschel Rosenbaum’s obstinate brain. When Dolly, his wife of over sixty years, gives up trying to talk sense into him, she takes the mandatory evacuation order seriously and leaves their house on Estero Island in their only car.
He’s left to contemplate his muleheaded refusal to believe the weather reports. He’s ridden out every hurricane for the past fifty years and knows their house can withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at it. Those weather dimwits are wrong most of the time anyhow.
She Tasted Salt by Allan Dyen-Shapiro
Homeless and forgotten, Shauna survives at the margins of society. Warnings of a hurricane coming to Fort Myers Beach miss her, and she hunkers down to brave the storm. A dolphin catches her eye, but when she refuses to wade out to meet him, he transforms into a man who promises to take her away from her lonely existence. Does she want what her prince promises?
Fast Lane Court Order by Sonja Gunter
What would you do if you were ordered to enjoy life? Keira Doyle takes her fellow lawyers joke to heart. Overhearing Grady Lynch, the bartender at The Veranda, talking about a benefit bike run. With the wheels in motion, she decides to participate on her vintage Hurricane motorcycle.
Not wanting to be in contempt of court, Keira takes a chance on a sunrise to bring new beginnings.
The Kaine Mutiny by Mariah Lynne
Matchmaker Sarah Stringer races against time to find the perfect woman for a tall dark handsome doctor. What’s so urgent? Will Sarah succeed? The answers will melt your heart.
Butterfly in a Hurricane by Kerryn Reid
A fragile young woman falls for the cop who spares her a speeding ticket. Unbelievably, he likes her, too. Can Type A and Type Z find happiness in the middle of the alphabet?
The Last Ride by Dee Speers
The last ride in life depends on how you've lived and loved. Sunrise Ranch is all Randall Scanlon cared about and fought to keep. He just knew his son felt the same. When his son, Casey, turns his back on the ranch for the rodeo, Randall told his son to leave and not come back. Casey never forgot or gave up on his family but was determined to live his life as he wanted. Now father and son will each face their last ride. Can the ranch and family survive?
Alone by Becca St. John
Jailbait, that's how Lars had always seen Jessie, but now she is all grown up and as headstrong as ever. Much as he’d waited for this day, he didn’t expect it to come in the middle of a sting with Jesse in the cross-hairs of some nasty perpetrators. At the risk of everything, he has to get her free.
Love and Faith in a Hurricane by Kristine Taylor
National Guardsman, Jacob Lutz, escorted Ashley to a hurricane shelter at the local high school when a storm was approaching. As they get to know each other, Ashley finds her home totally destroyed. Her clothing store was spared. Her parents drove down from South Carolina and take an instant liking to Jacob. The couple start dating after the storm passes. On a hot air balloon ride, Jacob proposes to Ashley. Will she risk giving her heart to a new man?

Release Date:  August 16, 2016
Genre: Romance Anthology

Southwest Florida Romance Writers Meetings – New Location!
SWFRW meetings are held at the Bonita Springs fire station, 27701 Bonita Grande Dr., Bonita Springs, FL 34135.
From I-75, take Exit 116 for Bonita Beach Road. Drive east on Bonita Beach Road to the first signal at Bonita Grande. Turn left for approximately 1/4 mile. The building is on your right. There is a large parking lot in front. The entrance is directly behind the flagpoles.


  1. It's a hoot to contribute to this anthology. I get to write a short story that is a departure from what I write for my full length novels. Kudos to my fellow SWFRW's. What a great group. A real privilege to be a member.

    1. Thanks for commenting Patty, good luck to you all with the books x