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Sunday, October 29, 2017

New Releases From Melange Books

The Great Smoky Mountain Bank Job

and other Sam Jenkins Mysteries

When your high school classmate shows up on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List, can your police career get any more interesting? Prospect, Tennessee’s police chief Sam Jenkins handles a cold case robbery-homicide as a favor to a beautiful treasury agent and clears the forty-three year old mystery of THE GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAIN BANK JOB.

In MURDER IN A WISH-BOOK HOUSE, Sam investigates the most grisly killing of his career. Then, in V IS FOR…VITAMIN?, he works with an eighty-four year old partner to solve a suspicious death in a nursing home where all the suspects are well beyond their prime.

Hollywood meets the Smokies in FATE OF A FLOOZY when an academy award winner is murdered during her love affair with a much younger man. And HURRICANE BLOW UP and THE BUTLERS DID IT pits Jenkins against some very lethal characters when he tackles eastern European hoods who intend on causing mayhem in Prospect, and bank robbers who flee to the far corners of southern Appalachia to escape capture.

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Mystery Anthology Series

 Heat Level: 1 Sweet
Love scenes are not consummated, or if the love scenes are consummated details are not given.

Going All In

Three mismatched suburban couples, Steve and Katie, Marty and Erin, and Scarlett Three mismatched suburban couples, Steve and Katie, Marty and Erin, and Scarlett and C. Thomas have been neighbors and friends for years. During a pummeling Connecticut Nor’Easter, the members of the bored triptych engage in a friendly game of Texas Hold’em in front of the fire over more than a few bottles of Merlot. The impromptu get-together eventually leads to the institution of regular alcohol-driven, bi-weekly poker nights.

One evening on a lark, someone suggests an alternate payout – instead of pocket change, the winner may choose a player (other than his or her spouse) with whom to spend the night. The proposition takes shape, but complications arise as these things will.

All too quickly, friendships are strained and relationships begin to crumble. Lies are told, truths are exposed, and feelings are hurt. In the end, can anyone bear the weight of this wanton self-indulgence? They are six fully consenting adults, and after all, it’s only a game. Or is it?

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Mainstream Fiction Suspense

 Heat Level:3 Boiling
Sensual, yet more explicit love scenes, and the language may be more graphic and direct.

Menagerie of Shadow

The Collector - Book Three

Beathan, the half-fairy, is free of St. Thomas Prison, thanks to the valiant rescue efforts of Philip and Alayna. However, with a trace in Philip’s blood, The Collectors Guild is hot in pursuit.

Separated during a skirmish with Collectors in the forests of Transylvania, Philip and Alayna struggle not only to find one another but also to survive the deadly circumstances thrown their way.

Matters are further complicated by the arrival of an acquaintance, someone familiar both with them and the treacherous region of Transylvania.

In the end, science and magic are mixed, loyalty is tested, and difficult questions are asked.

Can they discover a way to free Philip of the trace?

Will Alayna even survive?

And most of all, will they find their way back to each other?



Paranormal Thriller

Heat Level: 0

Dead Man in the Harbour

Detective Robichauld Mysteries #1

When one woman kills another, it falls to one to uncover why ... even in wartime.

The job was hard enough since Halifax became the focal point as the major staging area for the convoys supplying the war effort in England. Robichaud had his hands full dealing with the influx of people looking for work, foreign merchantmen looking for distractions from the perils of convoy duty and servicemen waiting transport across the Atlantic. Compounding his headaches was the growing shortages for affordable housing and the prohibitions on liquor sales in the city.

Now he had a murder to deal with.

The dead man with a hole in his head was fished from the water just outside the anti-submarine nets by a local fishing boat. His name was Denny Cafferty, a suspected IRA soldier who fled Ireland and the British Special Branch.

Robichaud and his partner, Pete Duncan, would soon find themselves up to their necks with more murders and a homicidal German spy.



WWII War Thriller  Suspense Mystery

Heat Level: 3 Boiling
Sensual, yet more explicit love scenes, and the language may be more graphic and direct.


Kiling John The Baptist

A Nicholas Branson Novel #2

The gruesome murder of a U.S. presidential aide. A secret so terrible it will change the world. Can Nicholas Branson and Jessica Jones discover the awful truth in time to save a persecuted religious group from extinction? Or will they be thwarted by a megalomaniacal pope and an ultra-secretive U.S. governmental force?



Thriller Series

Heat Level: 0

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