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Sunday, October 29, 2017

New Releases From Satin Romance

Mi Amor by Randi Perrin

There is no statute of limitations on the law of attraction.

Nine years ago, Crystal worked as a bartender at a dive in the middle of nowhere, Tennessee. The only good thing about her life was Johnny, the cute singer who played eighties covers until way after closing time. Unfortunately, daydreams about Johnny's chocolate eyes passed the time, but they didn’t get her out of that town.

Now she’s a workaholic defense attorney in Nashville. When she gets dragged out for a night of fun against her will, she’s surprised to run into Johnny. She’s even more surprised when he remembers her from nearly a decade before.

Can she kindle that romance that always burned deep down within her, or will the pressures of both their lives tear them apart?

Can he save her from herself or is she destined to live in the shadow of her failures for good?


Genre: Contemporary Romance | Novella

Pink Satin Romance Sensual

Ghosts of Past Loves by Nell DuVall

Love for their surviving spouses hold two spirits captive. Without corporeal bodies, how can phantoms influence their former spouses to live a full life and to love again?

Vic’s beloved wife Angie dies leaving him bereft and lost. Convinced he could never find another woman to love, he tries to drown his sorrows, but after six months, still heartbroken, he throws himself into his work.

Susan’s husband Jeff dies in a tragic car accident. His one regret is leaving her alone. She’s a survivor, but he knows she needs someone to love. Alone, she focuses on work and erasing all traces of Jeff.

Meanwhile, the spirits try to push Vic and Susan together, but it’s a difficult task when ghosts have no body or voice.

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Pink Satin Romance Sensual

Frog Chrous by Francesca May

Bella thinks she's sailing into paradise with the man of her dreams. How wrong could she be?

Bella is living and working on the glorious island of Bermuda, running away from a bad break up. When she meets the devilishly handsome Dante there's an undeniable spark between them but she's wary and keeps him at arms length.

A chain of unexpected events throw Dante and Bella together as they deliver the 'Black Orchid’ yacht back to its home on the Eastern Sea Board. She finds the Bermudian impossible to resist but will her decision to fall into his arms be something she will live to regret?

Genre: Romantic Thriller

Pink Satin Romance Sensual

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