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Monday, November 27, 2017

New releases for Melange Books

One Shot

“Man cannot see the future, but once in a blue moon, the future calls out to man.”

What would you do if you knew about future tragedies before they occurred? Would you stop it?

Jack Shot is bartender, content to do his job and focus on working up the courage to ask out Abby. Then one night a stranger walks in, turning Jack’s life upside down. After the chilling encounter, the riddles start appearing. Jack must decode them and stop the massacres, or risk condemning the lives of countless innocents.

Heat Level: 2 Simmering
Some love scenes. These are more sensual then graphic.



Sword of Vengeance

A Wolf Slayer Saga #6

Stumbling upon a secluded valley in the mountains, Valka the Wolf Slayer saves a young maid from being sacrificed by an evil witch and learns of the oppression the witch has imposed upon the valley. He remains to battle her army of killers and the dark minions of the black magician who stands behind her.

Heat Level: 2 Simmering Some love scenes. These are more sensual then graphic.


Shadows Among Us

The Paranormal Investigator Book 7

The shadows are always watching—and waiting.

Beneath the blazing desert sun, Tahoe Manoa has opened a strange puzzle box. The box is an odd inheritance passed down to him by his great-grandfather, a long dead Cherokee warrior. As the box opens, the desert atmosphere suddenly changes. Struck by sudden fear, Tahoe stands helpless as dark, shadowy figures surround him in the desert.

After fleeing the shadows, Tahoe realizes they are haunting him. The shadows, poltergeist in nature, have even made physical contact. He immediately boards a flight to Pittsburgh and enlists the help of the paranormal investigators, but before arriving in room 208, Tahoe learns the shadows have followed him.

Growing up, Tahoe heard legends of such entities—shadow walkers, more commonly known as shadow people. Soon, the shadows haunt each of the investigators, spreading their presences like a contagion. Their intent is the theft of human souls. Now, Tahoe and the investigators must discover the origin of the shadows and vanquish them forever—before it’s too late.

Heat Level: 1  Sweet  Love scenes are not consummated, or if the love scenes are consummated details are not given.



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