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Monday, June 4, 2018

New Releases for Satin Romance and Melange Books

Kiss or Kill Under the Northern Lights
Vol. 1
by Susan Johnson, Tracey Cramer-Kelly, Edna Curry, Patricia M. Jackson, Diane Pearson, Laura Ashwood, Angie Speed, and Nancy Pirri
Take It Easy by Susan Johnson
They had nothing in common but trauma and raw memories until love slipped in through the cracks, captured their hearts and made life worth living.
Mercury Falling by Tracey Cramer-Kelly
Kerry “Mercury” Dawson’s life has never been easy, but things start to look up when he gets a job at Dream Machines—until he crashes a motorcycle he wasn’t supposed to be riding and wakes up in Lucy’s emergency room.
Robbery at the Lilliput Bar by Edna Curry
The Lilliput Bar reports money missing, but there’s no evidence of a break-in. Detective Chance suspects an inside job, but the owner insists he trusts all his employees and no one could have broken in because his alarm system didn’t go off. So, what’s really going on?
My Time with Pearl by Patricia M. Jackson
Is rebellion rejecting society’s view of who they want you to be or showing society who you actually are? Gladys has always known who she was and has never given a lick what others think of her. It's a hard choice to say if she is more rebellious or just determined. Now she’s an old, and sometimes bitter, woman clinging to memories of better times, her journey into adulthood in the Roaring Twenties and an improbable love she never thought she would find and will never forget.
The Bent Fork Café by Diane Pearson
The will to succeed is strong for Jaymie, a recovering alcoholic who works as a bartender and delivers newspapers for extra money, but when Henry dies before she can help him finish a special project, her support system is destroyed. And worse, the blind date her friend Brooke has arranged is the detective in charge of the homicide investigation.
Second Chances by Laura Ashwood
Lindsey Harper is having a very bad week and it’s about to get worse. After her boyfriend, make that ex-boyfriend, takes someone else on their vacation, all Lindsey wants is to spend a few days alone at the family cabin. When her car gets stranded in the snow on her way there, the last person she expected to see coming to her rescue was Ryan Ford. She had fallen for him when she was a teenager, and after he broke her heart she vowed to never see him again.
Ryan Ford was looking forward to spending a few days at his best friend, Logan Harper’s family cabin. He had a deadline to meet and the solitude was just what he needed. When he gets a call that Logan’s little sister is lost in the snow storm, he has no choice but to find her. Only she’s not so little anymore.
Forced to spend the night at the cabin, will they get a second chance at love?
How to Catch a Tomcat in Seven Days by Angie Speed
When the stakes are your happily ever after, flirt your butt off.
Beautiful and talented, Megan knows exactly what she wants out of life—her gorgeous best friend TJ. When a summer gallery job could have her packing her bags, she’s forced to face the depth of her desire—telling TJ those frightening, friendship-jeopardizing, three little words. But when her daring confession of love plummets toward failure, Megan forms a plucky new plan—a surefire tomcat catching to-do list.
Sexy landscape architect, TJ is stunned when Megan reveals she’s sweet on a player. Worse yet, he warns her off her horrific plan. Instead of heeding his warning, she twists his words into man-catching advice. The result, a hair-raising week of attempted seduction. Will Megan’s plan be a sizzling success or a spectacular disaster?
Courting The Nanny by Nancy Pirri
Helen Jameson turned away from the man she loved when rumors were spread that he had betrayed her with another woman. Years have passed, and Helen finds herself having to serve the man she once and still loves as a nanny to his twin boys, as a way to pay off her brother’s gambling debts to him.
Elliott Falconer has wanted to marry Helen for as long as he can remember. He forgave her for not trusting him and believing a lie. Now that he has her in his home he hopes to rekindle the romance and make his long-time dream come true.
Genre: Contemporary Romance | Anthology
Pink Satin Romance – Sensual
(Free on Kindle Unlimited!)

Power Stalker
Jack Slade #5
A Dark Power has broken through from the Other Side, and the vampire nation asks Jack Slade to look into the problem.
When Jack Slade's car breaks down outside a southern Arizona town, he runs afoul of a drug cartel. As blood flows and bodies stack up, Slade discovers that the cartel is actually controlled by the vampire nation. A Dark Power broke through from the Other Side and is centered in Mexico. It threatens the vampire nation and the world. The king of vampires asks Slade to travel to Mexico and take care of the problem
Paranormal Vampire Mystery/Thriller
Heat Level: flames  Simmering  Some love scenes. These are more sensual then graphic.


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