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Saturday, July 7, 2018

New Releases For Melange Books and Satin Romance


An Erotic Psychological Thriller

An erotic physiological thriller that digs deep into the minds of those who are trapped in world of adult entertainment. It’s not only the customers who are hooked, but the exotic dancers who can’t escape the world they live in.

A.J. Danelli is a homicide detective on the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s department in Tampa, Florida. He recently went through a nasty divorce and finds himself drowning in alcohol and self-pity. And at the same time, he is introduced to the world of the exotic dancer. He has fallen into the dark world of the ‘lap dance.’ He is hooked on a dancer named Sunset.

As the story unfolds, A.J. is giving a deposition to the District Attorney. He tells his story on how he became hooked on an exotic dancer, and at the same time, reviews the investigation him and his partner did to track a serial killer before he kills again. 

A.J. confronts the killer. The maniac has Sunset. In a wild and gripping ending, A.J. comes face to face with the killer and at the same time he must face his own demons. He realizes he has something in common with the killer. They both are “Hooked”.


Thriller Erotica

Heat level Flames Boiling

Sensual, yet more explicit love scenes, and the language may be more graphic and direct.


Aperios  ( a page that contains adult content.)

The Mythik Wars - Book One

Zach Morris was just an ordinary man, living an ordinary life in the suburbs of Chicago...except for the fact that he could see monsters.

They don’t come to him in dreams or nightmares. They work in his office, they take tolls on the turnpike, they live next door. They are Mythiks. They’ve always been among us; elves, dwarves, hobbits and all the rest of the creatures from the fantasy novels and movies we thought were nothing more than the creations of our imaginations, but they’re as real as we are. Most of us can't see them, but there are some humans, known as the Aperios, who can pierce the Mythik's outer fa├žade, and see them for what they really are. But being an Aperios is perilous, torn between humans who want to ferret out those living among us and the Mythiks who want to remain hidden. Zach Morris had a secret but now he’s running for his life as the world of the Mythiks collides with our own and the future of the human race hangs in the balance.




Heat Level sweet Love scenes are not consummated, or if the love scenes are consummated details are not given.


The Ephemeral File

An Adam Fraley Mystery

What begins as a simple lost love case for private investigator Adam Fraley quickly escalates into something of far greater magnitude during the course of his investigation. Not only is it a potential felony he stumbles across, but one of the rarest in the catalog of crimes, all due to a critical piece of information having been withheld by his client, a terminally ill World War II vet. The job eventually takes Fraley to remote stretches of Florida’s Withlacoochee River and events that occurred over a half century ago.



Heat Level: 0

A Montana Women Novella

Laura and the Railroad Baron

Laura Elizabeth Woodbury, heir to a Montana cattle ranch, has just lost her father. A year ago, he bestowed upon her the nickname, “princess Sapphire” when he discovered sapphires in a mine where, sixteen years earlier, he’d found gold. The independent Laura is astonished to learn her father has hired a fancily-dressed stranger to assist her in finding a suitable husband, and to help run the ranch.

Matt Black is the right hand man of a Minnesota railroad baron who’d been a friend of Laura’s father. Matt’s been hired to head up a team of railroad workers replacing damaged railroad tacks across Montana and to find a decent man to marry Laura. Matt is completely unprepared for the headstrong, willful blond and soon finds himself in love with her. Laura feels the same way about Matt—until she learns his secret that will change her life completely.


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Genre: Historical | Western


Wildwood Mountain

On Wildwood Mountain, passion burns hotter than prairie fire...

On the plains of Eastern Colorado, Mitch has a passion for only one woman – and that woman is Christine. She is his dream girl, and he is her dream man, and whenever her old man’s back is turned they’re quickly in each other’s arms.

When a tragedy brings reality into their lives, Mitch sets out to find out who he really is, and Christine finds herself facing a dramatic new life as well. Soon, both will find out if their love and passion will survive in the shadow of Wildwood Mountain.

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Genre: Western | Historical Romance

Love Cookin'
Sandi Cramer's TV show, Love Cookin', is nominated for an Emmy. She can't forget her early years around 1990 at the bankrupt little station in Iowa where her show began, and the man who came to town to make the station succeed or to fire everyone and shut it down.
Josh Pressman saw her talent potential and a lot more. Attracted to her, he struggled to remember that small town girls like Sandi were off limits because they played for keeps.
When "accidents" started happening during her show, he had to find the culprit to save the station and to protect Sandi. But when Sandi unwittingly helps the culprit, she knows Josh is left with little choice but to fire her. That will end the station and their budding love.
Genre: Contemporary Romance


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