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Monday, December 29, 2014

Sizzling Hot Books Review - 4 Hearts for Coming Home For Christmas

Coming Home for Christmas by Joanne Rawson
I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Coming Home for Christmas by Joanne Rawson
Published by Other
Genres: Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, Romance
Pages: 79
Format: eBook
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 4 hearts, Christmas, Contemporary, Isis, Novella, Romance.
After her husband’s death, Sophie and her young daughter return to her family in Derbyshire. The Ferguson’s seem like a perfect family until you scratch the surface. With so many emotional baggage, and only nine weeks to Christmas, can Sophie bring them altogether for the perfect Christmas she dreams of?

Thomas, the gorgeous, moody renovator, is a man with his own agenda that doesn't seem to include Sophie. Even in his paint-smeared tee shirt, faded jeans and scuffed boots, he is immodestly masculine, handsome and sizzling hot. But when his eyes reflect the pain she knows so well, Sophie cannot help but wonder if there is another side to the cold exterior.

Thomas finds his heart opening to this beautiful, wounded woman from his past. A passion smoulders as they work together in the months before Christmas. But he has been hurt before and hesitates to stoke the fire between them.

Will the magic of the holidays heal a family and bring two lost souls together?
Coming Home for Christmas by Joanne Rawson is a heartwarming Christmas story about great loss and new found hope and love. Coming Home for Christmas is Thomas and Sophie’s story. I liked the chemistry between the two of them. I have not previously read this author but she has a way of wiggling her way into your heart and staying there. She pulls on your heart strings and weaves a satisfying and magical Christmas tale. The characters are believable and you care about them and the outcome of their story. I won’t forget Coming Home for Christmas for quite some time.
Sophie has just lost her husband and she is taking her daughter Lily and her back home. She wants to create a new life for them and be surrounded by her family. When she gets there she is excited to be starting over but she quickly finds out that things are not quite as they seem when it comes to her family. There is tension there that she never noticed before. Her mom suggests she hire Thomas to help her renovate her new home. She calls him like her mother suggests and isn’t quite sure why she did. He seems to be moody and very unfriendly. He interacts with her as little as possible. He is much friendlier with Lily than he is with her. She sets out to change that. She can tell that he has been hurt before by the look in his eyes. She makes it a point to interact with him more. When he starts to open up she finds him to be irresistible. She can understand why he was so hesitant in the beginning. The more they talk the closer they get. The more she hopes that the two of them come together and mend each other’s broken hearts and bring their families together. Will she be able to get past the barriers he has erected around his heart? Or will they end up being only friends?
Thomas is a hardworking man and he loves his job. When Sophie comes home and hires him to help her renovate his new home he is happy for the work but he wants their relationship to be strictly business. He has been burned in love before and he isn’t ready to put himself out there again. Even if Sophie is the most beautiful woman he has laid eyes on. He makes sure to focus on the job at hand rather than getting to know her again. When she tries to reach out to him he is hesitant at first because he just doesn’t want to have his heart smashed and torn into little pieces again like his ex-wife did. Her daughter Lily opens his heart up to more than one new possibility. He can’t resist Sophie anymore and their relationship begins. The more time they spend together the more he falls for her and the more he can see the possibilities. Is he willing to take their relationship from friendship to something more? Or will his past heartache keep him from doing so? Can the two of them find solace together? Or will she just end up hurting him like his ex-wife did?
I liked Coming Home for Christmas. I thought it was a lovely holiday read. I enjoyed the banter between Thomas and Sophie. I also liked the fact that they took the time to get to know each other as they were working. I really liked Thomas because he was a very good guy. He was a good father and really cared about his children and doing right by them. I liked Sophie’s character because she was willing to reach out and befriend Thomas even though she was in pain herself. I also like how she wanted to have her family come together for the perfect Christmas. Who doesn’t want their holidays to be perfect? I felt that Thomas and Sophie were perfect for each other and they came together just when they needed each other the most. It is a very endearing story that I enjoyed immensely. I would highly recommend Coming Home for Christmas to anyone who enjoys this genre of books.

I was born and raised in Northern California. I love the weather here and enjoy the beautiful array of people. I have been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. My mom always read to us and in a way that the books came alive with her many voices. So how could I not fall in love with the world of books? I love escaping into other worlds. I am currently pursuing my associate’s degree in Medical Assisting. Eventually I aspire to be a nurse and author. I enjoy writing poetry and am currently working on a novel. If I am lucky one day people will be putting me on their favorite authors list. My husband and I have been happily married for almost eleven years now. He also enjoys a good book and we often choose books to read together. It is a fun way to do something we both enjoy together. We don’t currently have any children of our own but we do have a wonderful fur baby. Lucian keeps us laughing and has been a bright addition to our world. We may not have any children of our own yet but we are surrounded with them on a regular basis. We have 5 godchildren, 12 nieces and nephews, and a plethora of “adopted” children that we have watched over the years. I read a little bit of everything. My favorite genre is and has always been paranormal romance. There is just something about vampires, werewolves, ghost, and other paranormal beings. I also enjoy reading contemporary romance, thrillers, some horror, Christian fiction, and dabble a bit in fantasy and sci-fi. I do enjoy a good book of any genre.

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