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Friday, January 2, 2015

Melange Books 2015 New Years Giveaway Extravaganza

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2015 New Years Giveaway Extravaganza!

Books from Melange Books, Satin Romance and Fire and Ice Young Adult Books

* EBOOK prizes are available in PDF, Mobi (Kindle) and EPUB formats and are delivered via email from Melange Books *
* All print ARC's (Advanced Rlease Copies) are courtesy of Melange Books*
* All other physical prizes (signed books, gift cards, etc.) are courtsey of the individual author. Exception being the grand prize giveaway, courtsey of Melange Books and the authors listed in the giveaway *
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Here are three of my books you can get free!

Always Mr. Wrong
by Joanne Rawson

Clare Darby is feeling restless, but can't quite put her finger on why. Her life is in order, so what is the problem? When her daughter asks what she really wants for Christmas how can Clare tell her all she wants is to get laid. All her life she has fallen for Mr. Wrong. Will she ever find Mr. Right?
Ends: 2/28/2015 2:00 AM

Learner Mum
by Joanne Rawson

Polly Wilkins is a successful freelance journalist slash writer. She has been living with her partner Steve in what her parents call sin for the last eight years. But, to her parent's disappointment, there are no signs of wedding bells or the patter of tiny feet on the horizon. Why? Because Polly, is not in the least bit maternal. Can this all change after Polly and Steve have a torrid weekend looking after her nephew? Or will Polly stick to her guns and loose Steve forever?
Ends: 2/28/2015 2:00 AM 

Angel of Kindness
by Joanne Rawson

Megan Shepard was not looking forward to Christmas. Now divorced, all she had to look forward to was spending Christmas in Derbyshire, with her sixty four year old, bisexual, hippie mother, and a scrawny little sapling tree, overdressed with cheap decorations from the pound shop. However, her friends had other ideas, like taking her to Pinkie's Night Club, their old stomping ground as teenagers. This brought back memories of rah-rah skirts, fishnets, and legwarmers dancing to Madonna, until the DJ played The Power of Love, whereupon Richie King would take her hand and lead her to the dance floor.
Seeing Richie leaning against the bar in his unforgettable Danny Zucko pose, she knows the right thing to do would be to walk in the opposite direction, yet finds herself walking straight to him, and taking the advice of her unconventional mother. Swept off her feet to the winter wonderland of Manchester's Christmas Market, romantic walks in the snow of the Derbyshire Peak District, and fireside dinners, she has to wonder if Richie really changed, or has he something to hide?
Ends: 2/28/2015 2:00 AM

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