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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

REVIWED BY READERS FAVOURITE 5/5 Coming Home For Christmas

REVIWED BY READERS FAVOURITE 5/5 Coming Home For Christmas
by Joanne Rawson
Romance - Contemporary
79 Pages
Reviewed on 08/16/2015
Book Review
Reviewed by Tracy Slowiak for Readers' Favorite 5/5

A Christmas romance story. Could there be anything better? Not much, in my estimation. And that’s exactly what we have in Coming Home for Christmas, the new novella by author Joanne Rawson. In it, our main character, Sophie Lang, returns home to Derbyshire, England, with her young daughter Lily after her husband, Christopher, was killed in a terrible car accident. When her mother recommends that she hire Thomas Dolton, a handsome divorced guy with kids of his own, to help her to renovate her new home, well, at first not much happens. Sophie is busy trying to heal, both herself and her family, who have a lot of issues under the surface, and Thomas is busy protecting his heart from the possibility of being hurt again. But when both of them let their guards down, is it possible they might have a happy Christmas after all?

I very much enjoyed Coming Home for Christmas. It is a lovely, satisfying romantic story. It’s short, weighing in at only about 80 pages, and easily read in a brief period of time. You won’t feel cheated though; it’s a complete story and a heartwarming one at that. Author Joanne Rawson’s character development is fantastic, and you’ll find yourself truly caring about Sophie, her daughter Lily, Thomas, and the rest of the characters in her fine book. I could certainly see this story continuing, and would love to read more about these folks in the future. Coming Home for Christmas would appeal to any reader who loves romances and sweet stories, especially short ones. I look forward to seeing what Joanne Rawson has for us next!

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