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Friday, September 23, 2016

Showcase Dan & Steph Australian MKR Winners 2013 - Cookbooks

It was only last year in India, Colors infinity aired My Kitchen Rules (MKR) commencing with season 4.  Since that first episode, MKR had me hooked; it is by far the best cooking competition I have ever watched.  In season four, the moment I saw the Hervey Bay couple, Dan and Steph Mulheron, I loved everything about this easy-going couple.  Even in the early stages, you could see Dan and Steph had a great love for food, a flair and most of all dedication that had me rooting for them right the way through to their teary grand finale.
Words cannot express how excited I was to get together with Dan and Steph to put together a few blogs, sharing their amazing success since MKR.
Thank you Dan and Steph for making this happen xxxx

Down-to-earth Hervey Bay couple, Dan and Steph winning the fourth series of Australian ‘My Kitchen Rules’ in 2013.  

Eat @ Home encapsulates the passion shared by this adventurous foodie couple, adding an exciting flair to your much loved home style meals.
Collected here are the dishes they love to make at home. Whether it's a quiet night in or a dinner party with friends. Eat @ Home has delicious dishes for breakfasts sides pasta seafood and more as well as Dan's classic sausage recipes and Steph's bold desserts.
There's no need to go out when you can Eat @ Home with Dan and Steph's easy to follow recipes.
There is a tasty recipe for Corned Beef, which Steph says always reminds her of her Nana. They have included breakfasts, sides and salads, spreads for entertaining, pasta and seafood.
Of course, Dan has included recipes for his home made Pork Sausages with Onion Gravy, Beef Sausages poached in Red Wine & Thyme with Colcannon & Smoked Honey Carrots.
Steph has added some of those bold desserts she loves to create, including Meringue with Passionfruit Curd, Mango & Whipped Coconut Cream, Smoked Meringue with Poached Apples, Cinnamon Cream & Salted Caramel Walnut Praline.
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Meat & Sweet is the second cookbook from the creative duo Dan and Steph Mulheron. This unique book showcases the exciting flair that they bring to much loved home-style meals.
Dan is known as the sausage connoisseur and it is Steph who loves creating bold desserts, so they have divided the recipes according to their personal tastes. The first half of the book features Dan's mouthwatering meat dishes, which are then complimented by Steph's visually stunning and delicious desserts.

About Dan & Steph
Before MKR, they were every day Aussie battlers, working very hard in their day to day jobs to make ends meet.   They openly admit they weren’t great cooks prior to MKR, but loved to entertain their friends & family, purely because they enjoyed making people happy with the best ingredient of all - food cooked with love.

Things get hot in the kitchen in the instant restaurant round.

Dan and Steph love their footy, snags and beer. But make no mistake: this down-to-earth Hervey Bay couple are serious foodies. After winning the fourth series of Australian ‘My Kitchen Rules’ in 2013, they gained a variety of experiences and many cooking techniques that they use now every day in life.

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