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Friday, November 18, 2016

Look What's Coming! 29 Degrees By Nancy Pennick

It's getting cold, dropping to 29° 
Happiness is short-lived for Allie. Her brother Doug runs for a seat in Congress, but his motives are not so innocent. She knows she has to get involved in his live again, if only to stop him. But the affects go beyond her and the people she loves this time. They may change the world.
I'm excited to announce that 29° is about to make its debut in November. And you, as always, are the first to know. This is the third book of the series with one more to go! Here is the preorder link:  29 Degrees
Great News!
29 was submitted to the Barnes and Noble Small Press Department in New York City for review. I've recently received a letter that they will be buying books to carry in their stores. Of course, they won't be placed in all of them, but if we all cross fingers? Hopefully it will do well.
29 is a finalist for the 2016 Dante Rossetti Award for Young Adult Fiction
 (Winner announced after the holidays.)

The nicest thing you can do for any author is write a review. Being the second book in the series, it's harder to get reviews. If any of you have read 29 Squared and would like to leave a review on Amazon and/or Barnes and Noble, I'd appreciate it so much! And thank you in advance.

Thanks for reading this! And out of all the books out there, thanks for noticing mine.
Nancy Pennick
Follow your Dreams
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