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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Another sexy snippet from Tangled Web of Love

Her eyes snapped open. Paul was on his knees at the side of her and was kneading her shoulders.
“Do you remember how good that feels?”
“How could I forget?” she moaned. “You always had the magic touch.”
Silently, he rubbed his fingers expertly over her shoulders. “Your skin feels so soft and supple to touch.” She gave a little sigh of satisfaction, causing the water to stir. Just enough to give him a glimpse of her swollen tight nipples. She knew he would be unable to resist, as he bent his head and placed his lips in the nape of her neck.
Faith caught her breath.
He planted more kisses across her shoulders, to no objection. He slipped his hands over her shoulders and down over the rounded molds of her breasts.
She gave a jagged breath, and then whispered. “Get in with me, Paul.”
Paul did not need to be asked twice, and in a flash, he had his clothes off and stepped into the tub. Her pulse quickened when she saw aroused male muscle. Is this really a good idea? Then thinking of her itch, it seemed to answer her uncertainty, as he lowered himself down into the tub.
For a moment, they sat looking at each other. Paul leaned forward under the water, and his hand ran up her leg until it caught her fingers. Clasping them tight, he drew her toward him. Sensations flooded through her as his mouth closed on hers. As he linked his hands behind her neck, pulling her closer toward him, he sank back into the tub. His tongue swept across her bottom lip and then thrust into the warm heat of her mouth. Her arm reached out, ferreting about on the cabinet at the side of the tub. Paul pulled away.
“Babe, what are you doing?”
“I think I have some condoms in here.”
“Really? We haven’t used those in over a year.”
“We have to; I’ve not been taking my pill.”
Paul let out a deep sigh and nodded his head. “You’re right, better safe than sorry.”
It took a few moments of what Paul termed a “passion-killing moment,” while he protected himself.
Faith entwined her legs around his, and then moved her body so her softness was in contact with the hardness of his arousal.
As she felt him moving below her, his body sliding within hers, her head went back, and the tendons in her neck drew tight. The pleasure grew and grew until they climaxed at the same time.
Laughing and catching her breath, she dropped her full weight on Paul, resting her flushed face on his chest.
“So we are back together again?” Paul whispered, his fingers stroking up and down her back.
Faith sat up, her jaw dropped. Clearly, by the smile of triumph on his face, he thought she would agree.
“Well, the rules were no sex, so I think the game has finished. You’ve made your choice.” Paul’s smile dropped. “Faith, you have made your choice, right?”
God, this is all my fault. I should have never given way to my sexual needs. Faith did not know what to think. Part of her still wanted Paul, but then there was Abel. What if there still was a chance with him? Would she regret not knowing in the future?
“Let’s just take it a day at a time?” Pushing him back down into the tub, she said, “Now, let’s do it again.”

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