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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Snippet from Tangled Web of Love

Get the wine from the fridge, because boy are you going to need it.


Gently she opened the door. The cottage seemed bizarrely quiet as she crept down the stairs. Sighing in relief that nobody was there, she headed for the living room. Finding her shoes and bag where she had left them, she was about to turn and walk away when she saw Paul’s abandoned shirt on the back of the couch. Sadie picked up the shirt, instantly smelling her perfume mingled with Paul’s aftershave. She swallowed hard. Her cheeks burning, she dropped the shirt like a red-hot poker. It was covered in lipstick. Her lipstick.

And then she remembered.

As if someone had pressed a play button in her head, she found herself reliving last night. The touch of Paul’s hands on her naked body; the taste and smell of him all seemed more real now than it did last night in her drunken brandy haze. It had been hot, intense, but this was heavy stuff—last night she’d had the best sex ever. The best sex ever with my sister’s, best friend’s ex. Not even minding his declaration of, “This is so wrong,” as she slid up his naked body after doing that thing with her tongue that had driven him insane. She held no regrets, knowing that when she said, “Want me to do it again?” he had pushed her back down.






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