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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

New Releases for Satin Romance

Beer Run Beau by Jody Vitek
Returning to Minnesota after a decade in Chicago, Allie Shepard is committed to helping her ailing grandmother. Introduced to Jackson Weber at a New Year’s Eve party, her beer buns win over his daughter’s taste buds and his sweet kiss under the mistletoe wins over her long-chilled heart.

Chili Warmed Her Heart by Nancy Pennick
Kass Walker is a busy marketing executive living in Chicago. She doesn’t have time to date, relying on an app to do it for her. When an old high school crush steps back into her life, he brings up old memories of what could have been. Unexpected feelings rise to the surface. Will her well-guarded secret finally be exposed?

Miss Evergreen’s Plum Pudding Surprise by Amy Hahn
Miss Evergreen Cunning fell in love with Captain Pershing Ganville the day they contrived a prank involving flaming plum pudding and firecrackers. Now, she’s a woman dreaming of marriage and he’s a wounded soldier. Evergreen’s plan: bake plum pudding to unleash memories of their childhood, unlocking and healing Pershing’s heart.

A Chicken Tale by Sue Gesing
Molly Gilson is not a happy woman. Her life seems dull and she fears she is losing the connection with her husband. Then Molly sees an ad for the house of their dreams. There’s only one problem. It’s in New Mexico and she lives in Ohio. Can Molly make a tremendous move and hope her husband comes along? Or will she start a new life with new friends and a possible love interest? One little chicken dish may make the difference.

Tea and Scones by Gisele Margaux
Rhea knows she’s not good marriage material. With a love of tea strong enough to risk her social standing, love seems impossible. That is, until she meets Jasper.

Prepared with a Pinch of Stardust by J. A. Noelle
After sharing a childhood filled with dreams of being a chef and a writer, Megan and Jake find true romance to be much more difficult than the puppy love of their youth. When career ambitions begin pulling the two lovers in opposite directions, will their chemistry be enough to save the dreams of the future they built together?

Stir-Fried Love by Nancy Pirri
Hayley Sook Park is instantly attracted to Mark Arcand. Mark is equally attracted to Hayley. Besides, he’s never tasted better cooking than her Korean culinary delights at her family’s restaurant, Kimchi House. Can two people from very different worlds find love together and acceptance from their families?

Genre: Contemporary Romance | Anthology

Pink Satin Romance Sensual
The Nature of Entangled Hearts by Emma Hartley
Can love survive the ultimate betrayal?
Rivals, Galen Odgers and Cam Fawst have shared many things. Gifted athletes and favored sons of Eagle River Wisconsin, both have been quarterbacks for the same legendary football team, the Warriors. Each was raised by a strong woman, and both love the same beautiful girl, Kjersten Solheim.
Though they despise each other, they are inexorably linked. But there is a secret about one of them, a secret that a mother took to her grave, that a high school coach swore never to reveal, and one whose consequences continue to reverberate.
Can love survive the ultimate betrayal and the revelation of a decades old secret?
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pink Satin Romance Sensual
Under a Scottish Sky by Pamela Q. Fernandes
Seeking stars, finding love!
Michelle Reyes is a strong, guilt-ridden woman. Traveling as a nurse from her home in Manila to Scotland to see the stars, she meets Adrian, the son of her patient. She sees Adrian as arrogant, unforgiving and cruel. But is Adrian more than he appears to be?
Genre: Contemporary | Multicultural | Interracial Romance Novella
Pink Satin Romance Sensual

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