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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Author Spotlight 2 books from Rayme Michaels - Incorrigibility & Red Love


A dialogue-driven novella of raunchy, bawdy, irreverent humor. Besides being completely and utterly hysterical, it's a good way for women to get inside men's brains, as a lot of it is guys talking the way they do when women aren't around, or saying what they often have on their minds, but are too bashful, due to the politically correct status quo, to actually speak, although it is very hyperbolic as well. It is a quirky relationship/sex comedy, where the boundaries of the mundane are mocked, bent, ridiculed, pushed, pummeled, pulverized, pounded, picked on and provoked. It also holds within it the most riotous courtroom trial you'll ever encounter! It is a tad bit existential and critical of religion as well, and does have its serious and sappy, yet genuine, moments.
WARNING: Coarse language and very sexual subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.

Red Love

The author of "Incorrigibility" now presents you with a completely different animal: "Red Love," a book of misanthropy, licentiousness, vengeance and blood-thirsty vampirism. It is what happens when two diabolical embodiments of unlimited power, capable of almost anything, become self-righteous, and allow themselves to be led by the impassioned guise of their idealism. With a very ambiguous past, the only things they love are each other and the taste of blood. Now all must taste the wrath of their self-conceit, in particularly that of Paul, a conflicted beast of prey, utterly vexed by the human race, and at the threshold of madness – that is, if he has not crossed it already. The world is surely his and Damineh’s for the taking – or so they think.
WARNING: BLASPHEMY, SEX AND VIOLENCE ABOUND!! Reader discretion is strongly advised.

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